Guest Room Cleaning Frequency Schedule

This list indicates how often each item on the guest room and bathroom should be cleaned. There are items which need to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly, every 6 months etc.

Housekeeping department should implement a routine cleaning cycle as part of their standard operational procedures.

Below you can find the list of common items which is cleaned or inspected by the Room attendant.

Daily Cleaning:

Cleaning Door Locks, Chains – Once

Vacuum Clean – Once 

Mop Floors Tiles – Once 

Dust all wood works – Once 

Dust LCD TV Set top box and DVD players – Once 

Dust iPad and other docking Stations – Once 

Dust and Disinfectant TV, DVD Remote – Once 

Dust and Disinfectant Telephone – Once 

Wet Dust Paintings and mirrors – Once 

Replenish all Contents – Once 

Replenish all Guest Amenities – Once 

Damp-dust bathroom doors – Once

Mop Bathroom Floors – Once

Clean Bath Tub and Grab Bars – Once

Damp-dust Shower Curtain – Once

Check and Clean Bathroom Fixture – Once

Check and Clean Faucets – Once

Clean Toilet, Flush Handle and Seats – Once

Empty and Clean Sani-bins – Twice

Replenish Bathroom Amenities – Once

Every 2 Days:

Change Bed Spreads -Once 

Change Bedding – Once 

Damp-dust Bathroom Mirrors – Twice


Cleaning and checking Lights and Switches – Once 

Dust Walls – Once 

Clean and Dust AC Vents – Once 

Damp-dust the head boards – Twice

Clean dressers – Twice

Clean nightstand – Twice

Clean lamp shades, lamps and bulbs – Once 

Vacuum Clean Chairs – Twice

Vacuum Clean Sofa – Twice

Polish Picture and Mirror Frame – Twice

Dust Closet and Safe – Twice

Wet Dust Mini Bar – Twice

Polish Mirrors – Twice

Check and Clean Tissue Holders – Once



Clean Ceiling – Once 

Buff Floor Tiles – Once 

Clean Window drapes and tracks – Once 

Clean Windows – Once 

Buff Bathroom Floor Tiles – Once

Clean Shower Heads – Once

Scrub and Wash Shower Curtains – Once

Dust and Clean Exhaust Vents – Twice