Guest Room Deep Cleaning Checklist and Tasks

Task 1: Turn Mattresses and Change Bedspreads

  • Remove linens (mattress pad, linens, and bedspread) from the bed
  • Lift the mattresses from the box spring. (This should be a two-person job and use the legs for lifting and not your back)
  • Lift the box spring off the bed frame.
  • Check for any tear, soil, stains or springs which are popping out.
  • Thoroughly clean the frame and headboard.
  • Vacuum behind and inside the bed platform and mattress cording.
  • Rotate the box spring
  • Inspect pillows and replace pillows that have stains or wear and tear.
  • Dust ruffles and straight it.
  • Remake the bed with a clean mattress pad, linens, and bedspread.

Task 2: Dusting of High Places or hard to reach areas

  • Using an extended feather duster, dust where the wall meets the ceiling. use of a stepladder is recommended here.
  • With at the most care dust the smoke detectors, sprinklers and any wifi routers.
  • Dust and wipe the tops of almirah, frames of paintings, curtain holders etc.
  • Dust light shades and clean with a damp cloth if needed
  • Dust and wipe all AC vents, curtain holders and top of doors.
  • Clean everything else above your head level.

Task 3: Clean Window glass, Grills and draperies.

  • Use a scrubber and window cleaner to clean grease marks, fingerprint and hard dirt from window panels.
  • In case any dirt outside the sealed glass then reports the same to the maintenance team.
  • Clean window glass from the top to down with a window wiper.
  • Wipe all window frames with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the window track thoroughly.
  • Remove draperies that need professional dry cleaning from drapery rods.
  • Label draperies by room number and send them to be laundry for dry cleaning.
  • Inspect and clean pulls, hooks and rods.
  • Place hooks in saleable bags to make sure they are not lost.

Task 4: Cleaning Walls, carpets and Doors.

  • Use a mild solution or all-purpose cleaner on a so sponge and clean gently
  • Do not spray the cleaning solution directly on to the wall but spray to the sponge instead.
  • Work from the boom up to avoid streaks and work clockwise around the room.
  • Stains or marks which cannot be removed to be reported ot the maintenance.
  • Dry all wiped surfaces with a clean while cloth.
  • Clean anything hanging on the wall
  • Wipe switch plates, phone plugs, and wall jacks
  • Clean the closet walls and luggage racks
  • Clean both sides of every door, including viewers, hinges, the frame, locks, and lock plates
  • Work clockwise around the room to clean carpets and moving large pieces of furniture.
  • Edge the carpets with a crevice tool or a broom.
  • Take care of carpet spots. Use standard removal techniques depending on the type of stain.

Task 5: Cleaning TV and other electronics

  • Turn off the TV, as it is easier to spot the dirt on the black surface.
  • For cleaning the LCD screen use, use a soft, clean, lint free, dry cloth or a microfiber.
  • Never use cleaning fluids, wax, or chemicals to clean the LCD screen.
  • Wipe the frames of the TV with the same cloth.
  • Wipe the Speakers with a microfiber cloth.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean other electronic gadgets in the room. 

Task 6: Clean light shades and fire exit map

  • Remove the shade and use a damp cloth to clean the extrude and shade thoroughly.
  • Reposition the shade
  • Remove and dust exit sign covers
  • Wipe inside exit signs with a damp cloth
  • Replace exit sign covers.

Task 7: Clean Furniture 

  • Vacuum upholstery and Use a vacuum attachment to get tight spots.
  • Clean under cushions and inspect and turn them.
  • Rub upholstery spots gently with a light fabric cleaner, then blot the area with a white cloth
  • Check the manufacturer’s directions before cleaning spots from upholstery.
  • Always use an oil-based cleaner on wood furniture.
  • For laminated furniture use an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Clean the backs of all furniture and dry them with a clean cloth
  • Wipe inside drawers with a clean dry cloth.
  • Report to maintenance if you find any drawers that do not slide smoothly.

Task 8: Clean Bathroom.

  • Remove the shower curtain and replace them if required.
  • Soak the hooks in soapy water and replace any broken hooks
  • Clean the curtain rod and reposition a clean shower.
  • Scrub Tile and Grout and use grout cleaner and a grout brush to remove mould and mildew.
  • Remove any buildup from the shower, the tub, around the sink, the toilet, and the ceramic tile door.
  • Rinse all areas thoroughly, Dry and polish with a dry cloth.
  • Wash the Bath Mats and also brush the back side of the mat to remove any dirt.
  • Remove dirt from the shower, the tub, around the sink and from the floor tile.
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