Servicing guest rooms with DND sign / Do not disturb lamp

When approaching a guest room for cleaning, first check if the guest had placed a Do not Disturb (DND) sign.

Some hotels have a Do Not Disturb Lamp / Light next to the door bell and other hotels has door knob card with DND sign.

Rooms displaying the “DND” notice not to be disturbed.

In all cases room maids / room attendants should avoid disturbing the guest.

For expected checkout / due-out guests:

  • If the guest is due to check out, then do not disturb the DND room until check out.
  • Once the expected checkout time is over, Inform the housekeeping control desk supervisor that the guest room is still on DND.
  • Housekeeping supervisor should call up the guest and enquire if the service is required.
  • In case there is no response from the guest room then, the supervisor should call up the front desk and check if the guest had already checked out.
  • After confirming that the guest had checked out then the room boy can enter the room with Do not disturb sign.
  • Other rooms where the room maids would delay on servicing is when the room is double locked from inside.
  • All DND rooms and actions taken should be mentioned in detail on the log book.

For Stay over guest:

  • A DND – (Do not disturb) sign clearly indicates that the room attendant should check later if service is required.
  • If there is no response till evening (2.00pm or 3.00 pm) then the housekeeping supervisor should ring the guest and check if he / she requires the room to be serviced.
  • Ask the guest if he or she require fresh supplies (eg: Towels, 
  • When service is refused at (2.00pm or 3.00 pm), the evening boy has to clean the room during evening service.
  • If service is not provided during evening also then a note to be slipped under the door.