Serving Tea & Coffee to Guests – Service Standards

  • All hot beverages must be of the best quality and to be served at the right temperature.
  • A choice of brown, white and sugar substitute should be given.
  • Tea should be served with loose leaves (unless tea bag is requested, except herbal tea).
  • The server should ask the guest if he / she wants the tea with strong or weak or medium taste.
  • Iced coffee and iced tea must be served cold, and hot coffee and tea must be served hot.
  • Skimmed milk/ cream is should be available upon request.
  • Coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso, café latte must be served in its respective cup.
  • Brown sugar/coffee crystal for all kinds of coffee, white sugar for teas. 
  • Sugar substitute should also be available.
  • Cappuccino must be served with foam above the top of the cup.
  • All cups/ glasses must be clean with no marks, chips or lipstick.

Equipment’s required for Tea and Coffee Service:

For Tea service:

  • Tea cup and saucer.
  • Tea strainer and spoon.
  • Tea pot, hot water jug, 
  • Hot milk jug.

For Coffee service:

  • Coffee cup and saucer
  • Tea spoon.
  • Hot milk jug.
  • Sugar substitute.

Tea Coffee Service Procedures:

  • Heat up the milk and put in a milk jug (cold milk for Ice coffee or tea).
  • Prepare sugar bowl, milk jug, teaspoons and coffee/tea saucers OR Straw, Stirrer, Sugar Syrup on a tray.
  • Brew coffee or tea / Pour coffee or Tea into a full glass of ice in long glass (For Ice Tea or Coffee).
  • Place the sugar bowl / milk jug / sugar in the middle of guest table. (From the right side of the guest)
  • Always Serve hot coffee and tea with cookie.
  • The cup handle must face towards to right hand side and tea spoon must place at right sides corner.
  • Announce the item name when serving the guest. “Mr. Bond, this is your Cappuccino.” 
  • Leave by saying “Please enjoy your coffee/ tea” and with a friendly smile.
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