SOP – Banquet Beverage service and Order taking

SOP Number: F&B – 32 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet


Time to Train: 45 Minutes

The same basic rules for serving beverages apply as for other F&B outlets, but because of the larger numbers of guests, service needs to be quick and efficient.

Soft drinks will not be pre-poured in glasses more than 5 minutes before being served. Draught beers will only be poured as required (no carafe).

Take Beverage Orders:

  • The function host will have selected the beverages when booking the function. The banquet event order (BEO) will list these details.
  • If a guest asks for a beverage which is not listed on the BEO then know whether there is a extra charge and tell the guest what the charge is.
  • Tell Guests which beverages are available.
  • Ask if guests would like to order beverages.
  • Write down the orders on the guest check according to how guests are seated.
  • It is a good practice to assign a number to each chair at a table.( E.g.: Chair No1 is the one closest to the door or other landmark in the room)
  • Take orders from women first, then men.
  • Continue to take orders clockwise around the table.
  • Use standard drink abbreviations.
  • Listen Carefully to each order.
  • Repeat the order and any special requests.
  • Find out guest preferences for service, such as “on the rocks” or straight up” etc.
  • Verify the ID’s of the guest who order alcohol and they look under age. ( If required by your local authority).

Place Beverage on the cord-lined tray:

  • Line the tray with a clean linen napkin to improve the look of the tray and to absorb spills and moisture.
  • Center glasses so the tray is well-balanced. Put heavy or tall glasses in the center of the tray.
  • Place a stack of beverage napkins on the tray.

Server Beverages:

  • Server each beverage from the guest’s right with your right hand.
  • Place a beverage napkin on the table in front of each guest.
  • If the beverage napkins at the hotel are having a logo, then place the napkins so that the logo faces the guest.
  • Follow the guest check to serve the correct beverage to each guest. Do Not ask who orders which drink.
  • If pouring a beverage from a pitcher or bottle, pour into the glass or cup without picking it up.
  • When Pouring, use a folded linen napkin as a splash guard to protect guest.

Tips for cocktails / receptions, the following guidelines must be followed :

  • From the moment guests start arriving, a minimum of 2 waiters will be stationed at the entrance to the room with a selection of drinks on a tray
  • No drinks will be placed on any service station in the function room (i.e., no self service)
  • Each waitress/waiter will have on her/his tray a set of cocktail napkins which are nicely presented
  • Elegant, simple tray decoration is recommended to enhance the attractiveness.

For dinner, the following guidelines must be followed :

  • No pre-poured drinks will be placed on the service stations. Guest will be served directly by the bar
  • Carafes of ice water are allowed on the service station.
  • If wine is served, white wine must be kept in a wine cooler. Only one bottle per service station is allowed.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Where will be the Beverage list selected by Host mentioned?   

Q2. What is the process if a guest asks for a beverage which is not listed on the BEO?

Q3. How to assign seat numbers to chairs?

Q4. How should you palace a napkin which his having a logo?

Q5. Why the alcoholic drinks are not  placed on service stations for self service?