SOP – Laundry – Load and unload washers

SOP Number: HK – 12 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Laundry


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Prepare loads of laundry:

  • The weight of each laundry can change as per the property and linen quality.
  • Use a weighing scale to weight the solid linen batch.
  • Always load the washer with the correct capacity, Do not overload or under load the machines.

Organize the laundry activity:

  • Always follow the laundry production log to determine the order in which the washing has to be done.
  • Record the loads you wash on the log.
  • Wash heavily soiled linen first so that the stains will not ruin the other items.
  • If you have multiple washers then start each washer in at least of a time difference of 5 to 10 minutes which will help in the below process.
  • Smooth and consistent work flow.
  • Save water.
  • Save electricity and electrical overloads.
  • Prevents flooding and clogged drains due to washer’s draining at the same time.
  • Always schedule the laundry loads to meet up with the next stage in the laundry cycle.
  • Keep the correct amount of flat work, such as tablecloths and sheets washed to allow continues operation of the calendar machines.

Special thinks to notice while washing:

  • Wash new linens with color separately the first few times, There is a chance of dyeing other fabrics if this is not done.
  • To avoid fading of dark colored linens wash them in lower temperature.
  • Wash uniforms in cold water to prevent fading of darker colors onto lighter colors.
  • Do not use chlorine / bleach on colored linens / clothes.
  • If the clothes / uniforms has delicate embroideries, decorative buttons, strings etc. then wash them inside nylon mesh bags to prevent damage and also to avoid tangling.
  • Never overload or under load the washers.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Explain how to prepare loads for laundry?

Q2. Why should we record the loads which is washed?         

Q3. What is the advantages of having a time difference between multiple loads?

Q4. Why it is important to record all items on the lost and found register?

Q5. Chlorine / bleach to be avoided on what kind of linens ?