Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Room Preventive Maintenance

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP – 23

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 26–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Guest Room Preventive Maintenance Checklist and Procedure:

  • To ensure excellent and consistent function and quality of all guest rooms.
  • Preventive measures must be developed to detect and correct any maintenance issues before a guest makes contact with the hotel.
  • The rooms’ preventative maintenance will ensure each room is serviced at least twice in a calendar year.
  • A recap form will be placed in the beginning of the binder listing all rooms, indicating the dates of all preventative maintenance performed.

TV’s, Set-top box:

  • TV – Check TV channels and Audio output.
  • TV – Fine tune if required.
  • TV – Check Remote and replace the battery if required.
  • TV – Set-top box connector to be checked and replace if required.
  • TV – Check the wall mount.
  • TV – Check input like HDMI, USB etc.

Radio and Mobile or Tablet Docks:

  • Radio – Check Time and Adjust if required.
  • Radio – Fine tune if required.
  • Docks – Check iPad and iPhone dock.
  • Docks – Check if charging is working.
  • Docks – Check Sound output after docking.

Home Theatre and DVD Players:

  • Home Theatre – Check Sound output.
  • Home Theatre – Check Remote and replace the battery if required.
  • Home Theatre – Check all Speakers.
  • DVD / CD Player – Check connection to TV.
  • DVD / CD Player – Check Remote and replace the battery if required.
  • DVD / CD Player – Test Playing DVD / CD

Air Conditioning – A/C:

  • A/C Unit (check operation and correct position)
  • Check leaks under A/C units, doors, weather stripping etc.
  • Thermostat (secure and functioning).
  • Check A/C Remote and replace the battery if required.
  • Filters and Grilles (clean).
  • Condensate water drain (clean).
  • Blower fan (check & secure).
  • Switches (check operation).
  • Check plug & receptacle for a tight fit.

Switches and Lamps:

  • Outlet Wall plates should match wall colour, inspect, clean, secure.
  • Switches should match wall Colour replace if required.
  • Receptacles replace if required.
  • Lamp sockets should be tightened if required.
  • Lampshades replace if damaged.
  • Bulbs / LED Lights – All bulbs to be checked and replace if necessary.
  • Plugs points check working condition and replace as necessary.


  • Dialings Tests.
  • Dialings Instruction
  • Message light test.
  • Voice Mailbox test.


  • Drawer handles & knobs to check.
  • Drawer guides lubricate if necessary.
  • Check for stains on furniture.
  • Springs on chairs and sofa to be checked.
  • Tabletops check, repair small defects.
  • Headboards check and secure properly if loosen.
  • Wheels check and secure systems.
  • Nightstands check and secure.
  • Coat racks check paint and if loose then replace with new one.

Wall, Fixtures and Ceiling:

  • Carpet check.
  • Baseboards check.
  • Fixtures and paintings check.
  • Ceiling – Check for cracks, and peeling paint etc.
  • Ceiling – Check Smoke Detector and replace if required.
  • Walls – Check paint on walls.

Remarks by the Technician: